Friday, April 23, 2010

What is the means of funny?

According to research by Profesor Gundala, funny means a lot contribution to eyes' tears and stomache to people who watch funny person, movie, TV shows and oters. There are several of funny like small funny, big funny and half2 funny. Even animal weird action also can make us laugh so we know why we laugh. If the people laugh without reason plzz call me because I am work with Tanjung Rambutan, I do service part time do capture this people.Sounds like crocodile hunter, he3. Just call 015-7752525...opss same with Pizaa's number...hu3... Anyone volunteer to enter my lab will be allow becoz i am doing experiment to explore the rate of laugh by showing you several funny video. If the highest rate of laugh achieved, i will glad. Not all people can be funny..It is talent? RIght?.... Think and Pray......Bye

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