Thursday, April 29, 2010

If You Be Given Multi Weapon, What type of weapon Do You Choose before You Enter Forest?

Youthsays members answered :
(1)Azr (Male, Kuala Lumpur) answered: Arrow
(2)Zaim69(Male, Kuala Lumpur)answered:
My favourite three swords and my esoskeleton. My C1, C4, Cyclonite, TNT,
Ammonium triiodide, and hmmm......Decisions, decisions...

Zaim69 commented : Maybe the M-134 hmm...
(3)Acho_wide (Male, Kuala Lumpur) answered: Poison Water Gun.. chreew..chreww..
(4)Fakhruddin (Male, Cheras) answered: It is enough to use knive
(5)Dz_copydzahir (Male, Ipoh) answered: Lighter or matches are saver
MyLot members answered :
(1) sender621 answered :There is quite a bir od danger in the jungle. I would ant to be prepared in the best way that I can,. I think i would choose a machete as my weapon of choice. It would be silent and effective for getting through the jungle safely.
(2)NecrosDk answered :I would pick... hmm.. Is invulnerability a weapon? :D

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